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Description of the aircraft
Airbus A319 medium airliner (Airbus A319) is one of the smallest of the well-known twenty Airbus series, but is one of the most exploited aircrafts in medium and small distances. This model can be called the younger brother of the Airbus A320.

There are several layouts of the plane: the Airbus A319CJ - business version, the Airbus A319LR - with an increase of up to 8300 km of flight range.

Aerobus A319 is relatively young liner, its commissioning began in 1999, at present the production continues.

Characteristics of the airliner
Length of the aircraft: 33.85 m;
Aircraft height: 11.77 m;
Wingspan: 34.10 m;
Wing area: 122.65 m;
Characteristics in the summer
Range of flight at maximum loading: 6800 km;
Maximum cruise speed: 840 km / h;
Running time: 1470 m;
Number of seats
Crew: 2 places;
Maximum (passenger): 156 seats;
In a two-class performance (passenger): 124 seats.

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