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Description of the aircraft
The medium-range Boeing 737-400 (Boeing 737-400) is a classical representative of the family and extended by 3 meters through air-conditioning systems Boeing 737-300. Very often this model is used for charter transportation.

Boeing 737-400 replaced its earlier outdated relatives, with the addition of a new avionics, salon and engines. At the moment it is not already produced, but it is still operated by many airlines.

Characteristics of the airliner
Length of the aircraft: 36.45 m;
Aircraft height: 11.10 m;
Wingspan: 28.89 m;
Wing area: 105.45 m;
Characteristics in the summer
Range of flight at maximum loading: 4900 km;
Maximum cruising speed: 800 km / h;
Run length: 1550 m;
Number of seats
Crew: 2 places;
Maximum (passenger): 171 seats;
In a two-class performance (passenger): 146 seats.

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