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Description of the aircraft
The Boeing 757-200 (Boeing 757-200) long-haul aircraft is the most popular airliner from the Boeing 757 family and one of the most successful ones in the whole. This aircraft model has more passenger seats than its predecessors, which allowed the use of the liner on loaded routes and transported more than 200 people.

Boeing 757-200 made its first flight in 1982, but due to its demand it was issued until 205 and continues to operate to this day. It has a cargo modification of 757-200PF, the Boeing 757-200ER is a model with increased flight range.

Characteristics of the airliner
Length of the aircraft: 47.31 m;
Aircraft Height: 13.59 m;
Wingspan: 38.00 m;
Wing area: 185.25 m;
Characteristics in the summer
Range of flight at maximum loading: 7240 km;
Maximum cruising speed: 860 km / h;
Run length: 1560 m;
Number of seats
Crew: 2 places;
Maximum (passenger): 228 seats;
In a two-class performance (passenger): 201 seats.

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