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Description of the aircraft
The long-haul Boeing 777-200 (Boeing 777-200) is operated by airlines mainly on long-distance and long-distance routes. This model, or rather, its modification Boeing 777-200LR, is an absolute record-holder on the range of flights among passenger airliners, which is 17500 km. There is also a Boeing 777-200ER kit, with a flight range of about 13500 km. Such results have been achieved through the installation of additional fuel tanks and the use of the most advanced technologies.

Boeing 777-200 first flown to heaven in 1995, and the version of LR (Worldliner) in 2006. The aircraft continues to be produced and enjoys tremendous demand from airlines. In parallel with passenger airliners, cargo boeing is also available - 777-200 Frighter.

Characteristics of the airliner
Length of the aircraft: 63.71 m;
Height of the aircraft: 18.51 m;
Wingspan: 60.90 m;
Wing area: 427.81 m;
Characteristics in the summer
Range of flight at maximum loading: 14200 km;
Maximum cruising speed: 905 km / h;
Run length: 1640 m;
Number of seats
Crew: 2 places;
Maximum (passenger): 440 seats;
In a two-class performance (passenger): 400 seats.
In a three-class performance (passenger): 305 seats.

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