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Before landing on an airplane, each passenger must undergo several obligatory procedures: passage of customs control, check-in, check-in, baggage, and passport control. This sequence is not standard, and at some airports it can change, however, as a rule, everything goes that way. It should be noted that customs and passport control is valid only for international flights, but not for domestic flights.

Keep in mind that passing of all pre-flight procedures takes a lot of time, so if you do not want to be late for a flight, arrive at the airport at least 5 hours before departure. Registration itself for a flight begins, as a rule, 2 hours before departure and ends 40 minutes before it. But for each airline differently, it's better to clarify the exact schedule in the airline you want to use and to arrive at the airport as soon as possible.

The purpose of customs control is checking the presence of passengers in things that are prohibited for export. This procedure is carried out by customs officers who stop each passenger, ask him a few questions and check his luggage.

Often, customs officers are interested in data on the amount of cash, and the more accurate and confident your answer, the sooner you will be in control. At the same time, funds that are on bank cards are not subject to declaration. Any restrictions on their export are not applicable.

At each airport, the process of customs control is as simple as possible, due to the presence of a specialized system of "green" and "red" corridors. The first of them indicates that the passenger is seated in an airplane without luggage or without goods prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Follow the "green" corridor can be in the following situations:

the mass volume of exported funds does not exceed $ 10,000. At the same time, the amount of ruble equivalent is calculated in accordance with the exchange rate set by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the day of departure; Exports of precious stones and metals, previously imported into and passed customs. This fact must be documented. In this case, the weight and value of goods are not taken into account; Exported goods of personal use, except for precious stones and metals.

If a passenger carries goods subject to duty, or their number and value is limited by Russian law, then you must use the "red corridor." The customs declaration must be completed under the following conditions:

the amount of foreign and Russian currency exceeds $ 10,000 in the currency equivalent of the CBR on the day of the international flight; the passenger has securities, bank checks and promissory notes of any quantity and value; goods of personal use, which have restrictions on export for the territory of the Russian Federation.

Passengers who have reached the age of 16 must complete the customs declaration. If the passenger is younger than the specified age, the declaration must be filled in by parents, guardians or other attendants.

It should be noted that declared goods may be all goods at the request of the passenger. After the declaration is completed in writing, it is necessary to take her custody with extreme care, since in the event of a loss, it will not be able to resume it, but duplicates will not be issued.

It should be noted that the list of goods that are prohibited for export is quite large. Yes, it includes:

fish and seafood, the weight of which exceeds 5kg; sturgeon caviar weighing more than 250 g; precious stones and metals worth more than $ 25,000 in ruble equivalent; weapons, ammunition and explosives, unless authorized by special agencies; cultural values ​​and state awards of the Russian Federation; psychotropic, narcotic, poisonous, radioactive and potent substances; representatives of the flora and fauna of the Russian Federation, threatened with extinction; paper and objects constituting state secrets; vehicles; goods moving in unaccompanied luggage.

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