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The fastest, most reliable and comfortable mode of transport is, of course, an airplane. However, serious problems can arise in the field of air transportation, bringing significant inconvenience to passengers. One of these problems is the flight delay.

As a rule, it happens that the passenger arrived at the airport, hoping for a light, comfortable and timely flight to the planned city, and finds out that he will not be able to fly from the city today because the airline has a force majeure. As a reason, flight delays, as a rule, are non-flying weather.

In this case, the passenger in this situation rightfully be compensated, but how to get it - it is not known to everyone. Consider a few moments that will help you calculate the amount of the same legal compensation in case of flight delay.

First of all, it is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that each passenger has his / her rights and responsibilities. And in case of cancellation or delay of the flight, he may claim some kind of compensation for his losses. Judge for yourself, buying a ticket - it's expensive fun to afford what may not everyone.

So, before planning your trip, check out the rules of various airlines. Pay special attention to the actions of the airline in case of cancellation or delay of flight. Otherwise, you risk losing a large amount of money not by your own fault.

In case of problems with the airline, the ticket can be either completely unused or used in part. In the first case, the passenger could not fly to his destination, and in the second - he flew a certain part of the way, stopped at the transfer airport and could not safely finish his journey.

In case of partial use of a passenger ticket, only the part from its value, which is calculated as the difference between the total cost of the flight and the cost of a complete flight, is borne by the passenger.

Also, the passenger may require the airline to be taken to the airport of departure at the nearest flight. At the same time, he can choose the time of departure, not forgetting about reasonable limits. For example, if he wants to return a week later, he will not succeed, but if a passenger wants to use a day flight, and not a night on the advice of the airline, his request should be satisfied.

If the ticket remains unused, then the passenger must obtain its full cost. If the flight has been delayed or canceled due to the fault of the airline, then it also has additional compensation for non-pecuniary damage in the amount of up to 20% of the ticket price.

Compensation may be paid only if the flight delay is 5 hours or more. Moreover, the amount of compensation is calculated in accordance with the European Convention of EU-261 and the rules of the carrier-carrier. The exact amount of possible compensation, as well as the conditions for its payment, must be obtained in advance, before the purchase of the ticket. This way you can avoid unnecessary troubles.

Other situations are possible in which compensation must be paid in a mandatory manner. Partial or full cost of airfares is returned in the event that a sudden change of landing place occurred without explaining the reasons; when the passenger booked a certain place on the plane, and he had to go to another place; when the passenger has planned a long-distance flight with a transfer, and the delay of the flight destroys all his plans, which may cause him to be late for the next flight.

The above rules and conditions will not allow you to put your money in the wind. Remember that you can not delay flight, but you can safely rely on the return of money for airfare and payment of compensation, if this did not happen by your fault.

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