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Recently, the solution of the insurance liability of air carriers - this is the most urgent and discussed topic. Legislation, which sets the responsibility of airline liability insurance for passengers, is the Air Code of the Russian Federation. Based on his requirements, the minimum insurance sum of liability was 100,000 rubles - a norm has been in place since 1997.

The President of Russia issued an order to amend and increase the limit of liability for damage caused to property, health and life of passengers. In 2007, the Federal Law entered into force, which allows for various changes to the Air Code of the Russian Federation. The article about liability of airlines and its insurance to passengers was also changed. Also, the insurer has a mandatory type of insurance when setting their tariffs, established minimum insurance amounts.

The cost of human life in practice is measured in cash, due to the determination of the net present value of the benefits that people who are married, dependents, dependents, partners or employers could expect from a person whose life is appreciated. It calculates the amount needed to pay the wages of the recipient who has lost future income, the establishment of the amount of life insurance or the amount of compensation for liability insurance silt and for the settlement of possible claims.

The increased cost of human life - the main link that affects the level of passenger safety when flying. Human life is invaluable, and it is undeniable, but its monetary value is necessary and this is justified by the fact that for the best increase of passenger safety it is necessary to allocate funds in order to neutralize the risk of factors and minimize risks.

Today, the minimum amount, which is estimated passenger life, is at least 2025000, and health - at least 2 000 000 rubles. The possibility of establishing minimum insurance amounts is only available if internal air transportation has taken place. If international flights are performed, then the insurance amounts comply with the rules and regulations established abroad.

During all time of the existence of the aviation insurance market in Russia, almost no disasters occurred. And it pleases. However, insurers managed to get not so much knowledge in settling claims. And it's sad.

Settlement of claims concerning passengers' liability is a rather lengthy process. It is determined by the law of the country in which the court sessions are conducted. In addition, recently, in the Russian Federation, liability insurance for moral harm under regulatory documents is not foreseen and not applied in practice.

Unfortunately, modern legislation can not boast of perfectness at present. Thus, planes flying in Russia are insured at the same price, and those who carry out international flights are at a higher price.

Outside of the Russian Federation, life insurance of passengers and their property is resolved at a higher level. For example, on the order of the US Department of Transportation, the assessment of passenger cost was increased. In addition, an inflation correction was introduced, which made it reach $ 3 million. Thus, airlines abroad know perfectly well that it is much more profitable to use high-quality aircraft for the carriage of passengers than to pay for their death.

To finish this sad article can be the following conclusion: to date, the legislation of the Russian Federation in respect of compensation for the harm done to the victims so far can not meet international standards. The fleet of aircraft leaves much to be desired.

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