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The salon of the aircraft is very diverse in terms of seats for passengers. Everyone decides where he is better to fly: in business, economics or first class. The differences here concern not only the conveniences, but also the cost. Even in short directions, one place may cost several hundred dollars more than the other, and for a long time - up to several thousand dollars.

Choosing the best place on the plane

Choosing the best place on an airplane depends first and foremost on your personal preferences. For example, if you need to often leave your seat during a flight, it is best to stay closer to the passage. If you prefer to sit near the window, make sure that it is not above the wing. Otherwise, you will admire the wing of the aircraft, and not the nature of the bird's eye view. However, if you are lulling in the air, then the absence of an illuminator will not be a big sadness.

Compared to other classes, the distance between the seats in the economy class is small. Moreover, it narrows closer to the end of the cabin. Food and drink for passengers is also served primarily in the beginning of the salon. If you take with you on a trip of children, it is best to be located closer to the beginning of the salon.

Do not miss the opportunity to occupy space in the vicinity of the exits.

If we talk about safety, it's best to sit in the tail section of the plane, since 80% of the airplane crash occurs on take-off and landing. Considering the situation in which the plane clings to the tail for land on take-off, in the case of a fracture, the bow part goes forward, and the tail will remain on the ground. If we assume that there was an emergency situation and when landing, burning fuel enters the front compartments in inertia. From this it follows that the tail is still safer.

The best places on planes Tu-154 and IL-86

In Russia, the most popular passenger aircraft are Tu-154 and IL-86. If you know the schemes of their salons, then you can choose the most convenient place for yourself.

Let's consider the most successful places of an airplane Tu-154 in standard configuration: in economy class it is 7-9 rows (there is a distance between rows 780 mm, instead of 720-750 standard), as well as 28 series (about spare exits, there is a large space for the legs, but the seat backs are not discarded).

The best option is the first row in the monoclass (more space for the legs). In the third row - it is 4F and 4E (before them there is no chair). Moreover, the distance between the third, fourth and fifth rows is slightly larger than the standard one. In the 33rd row, the space for the feet is much larger, but the back of the seats are not discarded.

Armchairs of the 10th and 11th series - this is not the best option, since the distance between the rows is very small and the back of the seats are not discarded.

Il-86 airplane has three salons separated from each other. In the first two differences are practically absent, and in the third cabin (in the tail section of the plane), as a rule, is unbearably noisy. There amenities much less due to the narrow distance between rows.

The best places in IL-86 are in the 1st, 15th, 16th and 33rd ranks. There are no armchairs in front of them, and there are more amenities there. In the 14th row there are places for the lover, because there are no windows.

The best places on the Boeing 737-400

In this and similar aircraft, the location of the seats in the economy class has a standard appearance in the row 3-3, as well as there is an additional salon economy class.

This arrangement gives passengers a good place in the first row of economy class, located in the middle of the plane. There is always more space for the legs there. There are only 6 such seats in the cabin. Avoid places in the tail section of the airplane and at the toilet, as there will be a queue to accumulate.

Remember the most important rule - the better the space in the cabin will get you, the more comfort you get during the flight, which is very important, especially if you want to arrive at your destination in a good and cheerful mood.

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