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May - one of the most awesome months for a good rest. The spring is coming, summer is approaching, and now is the time for the holidays. In addition, at this time you can go to virtually any country. It is at this time that you will truly be able to enjoy the blooming greenery, the bright sun and a host of interesting entertainments.

However, among such plenty of options it is difficult to determine where to go in May. Of course, the only right choice depends entirely on your preference. First of all, you need to decide whether you want to have an active sightseeing vacation or relax on the beach by the sea or the ocean. Consider some of the attractive options for a holiday in May, well, after you decide on the direction, you can buy cheap airline tickets and book a hotel in your favorite country.



Excursions in May

If you like excursions, European countries will be your ideal destination for a better holiday in May. You can get there by train, plane or private car. Lovers of exciting journeys will come to the senses of huge cruise liners. A family vacation with children in May in countries such as France (Paris), Germany (Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg), Italy (Rome, Milan, Venice) and Spain (Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Alicante), will give a lot of positive emotions, thanks to a variety of amusement parks. You are expected to have stunning water parks and amusement parks, in which the day flies very fast.

If warm and good weather is something that you do not have, then we recommend to visit France. May is a very good time for walks through Parisian streets and gardens. Who does not dream to visit the legendary Louvre and spend time in a cozy street cafe for a cup of fragrant coffee with croissant?

Architects will appreciate Barcelona, ​​where you can enjoy the wondrous Gaudí's fabulous buildings. If you want to have fun in May, and financial opportunities do not allow to provide long rest abroad in a chic hotel, then visit the Baltics, Poland or the Czech Republic.

Beach vacation in May

One of the best options is Turkey, because it is there that this month opens an active tourist season. This country is loved by a huge number of Russians. If you are tired of a long flight, visa registration and can not afford a room in a chic hotel, then Turkey is the names and country in which everything is thought out for a comfortable vacation. The flight to it will not take a lot of time, a possible visa-free entry, and the hotel will impress you with its diversity.

The all-inclusive system, friendly and invariable Turkish hospitality will create the very atmosphere of rest that you have always dreamed about. Youth holiday in Turkey in May is very diverse and will give unforgettable impressions to every tourist. Here you will find noisy nightlife, water skiing, evening boat trips and diving.

May is the most suitable time for rest on the Antalya coast of Turkey. You will be pleasantly surprised by the beaches of such popular resorts as Antalya, Alanya, Balak, Side and Kemer. In early May, rest in the Antalya region can be diversified by excursion programs - extremely good sources of Pamukkale, the ruins of ancient Lycian cities, unearthly landscapes of Cappadocia, and much more.

Excursions in May are especially good, as tourists do not get tired of long hiking trips, thanks to a comfortable air temperature. If you plan to go to Turkey with children, then the most comfortable time is the end of May, because the water is not enough to warm up for swimming.

If you have not decided on the most suitable place for rest in May, then safely go to Tunisia. This country is located on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa. You will be impressed by the African exotic Tunisia, get acquainted with the traditions of the Arabian East and get a lot of pleasures for a modest fee.

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