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Contract of air transportation of passenger and luggage

Inland air transportation is called air transportation, which provides for the location of points of departure, destination and landing in the territory of.

Under the international air transportation means air transportation, which provides for the location of departure and destination:

in the territory of one state, if the point (s) of landing are located in the territory of another state; on the territory of two states respectively.

Contracts for the carriage of passengers, cargo or mail by air are certified according to the air ticket, cargo or postal note and baggage receipt.

The terms of the contract of air transportation of the passenger oblige the carrier to deliver the passenger of the aircraft to the destination, giving him a seat on the aircraft, which follows on the ticket specified in the path. If the passenger has luggage, then it must also be delivered and handed over to the owner.

Passengers and luggage will be delivered to their destination in time, in accordance with the rules of air transportation of the selected airline. The passenger of the aircraft is obliged to pay the flight and, in the presence of excess baggage, make an additional payment for his carriage.

Passenger rights of aircraft

An airline passenger has the right to:

privileged fare in accordance with Russian legislation and the rules of the airline established by the airline; free travel of your luggage according to the established rules; carrying the child up to two years without giving her a separate place; free use of the services of rooms for rest, mothers and children and a place at the hotel when the flight is delayed.

Airplanes, services and facilities are provided to passengers in accordance with federal aviation regulations.

Responsibility of the airline for the loss or damage of the passenger's property

the airline bears full responsibility for the loss or damage of the passenger's property between the points of departure and destination in accordance with the established rules in the event that it is not proved that he has taken all necessary measures to avoid causing damage to the property or the circumstances did not allow to exclude an accident; the airline is responsible for preserving the property of the passengers, unless it is proved that its damage was not due to its fault; the airline is liable for damage to the passenger's property if it is proven that this happened during the flight.

If during the flight the property of the passenger was damaged, the airline is liable in the following amounts:

if the property has a declared value, then its size will be charged to the airline. Also, an additional fee is charged in accordance with the contract for air transportation of baggage or cargo; in the absence of the declared value of baggage from the airline, the cost of two kilograms of baggage or cargo is charged in accordance with the minimum wage set by the federal law. In international flights, international treaties of the RF enter into force.

Obligations of the airline in case of delay or cancellation of the flight, as well as forced refusal of the passenger from the flight (Order 19).

The airline's duties include the sending of a passenger on one of the next flights in accordance with the conditions specified in the ticket, for the following reasons there was no carriage:

the flight indicated on the ticket is detained or canceled; the plane did not execute landing in the indicated airport ticket; the passenger did not occupy the place indicated in the ticket; the plane could not fly to its destination and returned to the point of departure; the plane specified in the schedule was replaced by another; The landing of a plane was forced.

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