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Principality of Andorra is a tiny country bordering France and Spain. Back in 784, Charles the Great gave this country complete independence, and already a famous military leader Napoleon allowed her to maintain autonomy. Now the principality is headed by the President of France, along with the Spanish Archbishop of Urhel. In Andorra, the state language is Catalan, but the national majority of the people living in the country are Spaniards. Also dominated by such nations as the Andorran, Portuguese, and French. Let's list some attractions that are a lot in this tiny country.

Canillo is the northern district of Andorra, and is located at an altitude of 1,400 meters to 2913 meters. This is the main district of the Andorran hierarchy. The name of Canillo is a picturesque town, which divides flows along it into the river exactly in the middle. The city has a population of about 3350 people.



Canillo retains a medieval design with winding alleys and wooden buildings. Also, it is worth not neglecting the Andorran Garden, the third district and the significant economic center of Ordino. Its population is approximately 3200 people, and here is one of the main communities of the country "El Surat". This medieval city houses unprocessed stone houses that were built back in the XI century.

In the village of Le Bons remained intact the ruins of the old castle belonging to Count Foix. Rural life in this village has undergone some changes, as the neighborhood of modern architecture and constructive technologies, combined in the buildings of this highland village, says. Medieval Moors Tower belonged to the castle of Le Bons and was supervised. Here is also the Queen of the Moors bathing area.

The complex is a water tank and a complex system of channels cut in a solid rock. Their total length is 200 meters. If you visit the castle d'Enclar, located on the top of a hill at a height of 1126 m, then another village in Santa Colomna offers an amazing view. This building of the Middle Ages was built in the IX-XII centuries and at that time was the residence of the Urgel Counts.

You can visit the church of Santa Colomna, the ruins of some buildings and necropolis. One of the most beautiful lakes in Andorra can rightly be considered the Enolasters. It was located at an altitude of 1616 m among dense forests. This place is surrounded by a number of legends, one of which states that the heavenly bodies of the sky, captured by its beauty, are not able to resist the charm of the lake and fall into its water, thereby becoming captives forever. Near the lake is the Church of St. Michael. According to the documents, earlier it was located in a certain village, where, according to legend, the beauty lived, who refused to give a piece of bread to the traveler.

In the gorge under the name of La Bottell, one sculptor came the idea to surprise everyone with his creation, entitled "Storm in a cup of tea." This sculpture in a diameter of 13 meters is in a state of shaky equilibrium, which is frozen on the verge of collapse.

Another attraction of Andorra is the Romanesque Church of the Meritxtel Virgin. It was built in the XVII century, but in 1972 it was completely destroyed by a fire. After this event, Richard Bofill built a new church. The chapel is a separate place of worship. Each year, a modern church accepts a large number of foreigners who wish to visit the holy place of Andorra. This small country has a lot of attractions that you need to spend more than one day.

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