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Odessa is a port city on the north-western coast of the Black Sea. It is the third largest city in Ukraine, giving way to Kyiv and Kharkiv. It is also the main industrial, transport, cultural and scientific resort center of the Northern Black Sea coast. Odessa was founded by Catherine II in 1794. It was then that she decided that the country needed a port on the Black Sea to expand its ties with Europe.

The journey should begin with the Arabic Cultural Center, which is a unique monument of Arabic culture. Muslims from ancient times lived in the city, because once in the territory of the palmira was a Tatar settlement Hadjibey. Also here was built impregnable Turkish fortress. When Odesa was born, Catholics, Orthodox, Jews and Muslims lived there. Then there was a mosque in the city, and behind it was a Muslim cemetery.



Let's go to the Archangel-Mikhailovsky Monastery, which is located on the outskirts of Odessa. He has a glorified 160-year-old story. The glory of his creation belongs to such figures of Odessa as: Prince M. Vorontsov, along with his wife E. Vorontsova, one AS Pushkin Countess R. Edling, writer A. Struzou ...

Next, you should take a little distraction and visit the Nemo Dolphinarium. He is the largest in the CIS. The dolphinarium is open all year round, so it became the second home for dolphins and marine animals. It was built according to European standards, and the content of marine animals is consistent with the approved conventions. In the dolphinarium, you can watch a performance featuring four dolphins and three seagulls.

The house with Atlanta is a monument to Odessa, which is on the list of recommended. This house is recognized as one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, which is located on Gogol Street at number 5. In the ancient Greek mythology, the Atlanteans were of the kind of Titans who were punished for fighting against the gods and now they are forced to maintain on the backs of the skyscraper of the western outskirts of the Earth. Such a motive has been reflected in architecture.

Relax from the road can be found in the Odessa State Literary Museum, founded in 1977 and open for visits in 1984. This is one of the largest literary museums in Ukraine. Its exposition is comprised of 20 halls, each of which is an artistic way devoted to him for a decade.

The next place, which is recommended to visit - Vorontsov Palace, is a palace complex on the Primorsky Boulevard. His construction was carried out for 2 years, beginning in 1826, but the last building was completed only in 1834. At the same place, before the construction of the fortress was Hadzhibey, but during the new building of the city, the land was transferred to the general governor VS Vorontsov

The most popular place in Odessa is Deribasovskaya Street and City Garden. Deribasovskaya is the main street of the city, the heart of Odessa. She received her name in honor of Osip Deribas, who founded the city. Most of it is a pedestrian zone. It is a very popular place for festivities, as well as cafes and shops. Very interesting and adjoining Deribasovskoy City Garden. It was opened in 1803 immediately after the city was founded. Since mid-2006, he was on restoration, and in May 2007 it was opened again for visitors.

The main wealth of the city of Odessa are locals, who always have a savvy and sparkly humor, tolerance and initiative. Odessa every year takes a huge number of tourists, so you must study it.

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