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Noble and hospitable city of Varna invites tourists at any time of the year. This Bulgarian resort is very famous all over the world. There are many beautiful and interesting sights in the city, which can be visited either independently or as part of the excursion group.

The magnificent Archaeological Museum is located in the magnificent building of Varna. Today, the museum exits a total of more than 55,000 exhibits belonging to different historical epochs. All exhibits are divided into collections depending on the time of creation or appearance. Of particular note is the unique collection of icons in the museum.



The truly gorgeous Botanical Garden of Balchik takes about 35 hectares of area. Here, more than three thousand species of plants grow. The wonderful climate of Varna contributes to the fact that there are even very rare specimens of plants here. Being in this botanical garden is surely worth visiting the Quiet corner, the garden of cacti and the pink garden. An unforgettable experience makes for the visitors and the amazing architecture of the palace in the Botanical Garden.

The most ancient sight of Varna is the Roman Thermi. All guides and locals are advised to visit these amazing ruins of the complex that was built in the 2nd century AD. Originally, the Roman Thermes needed not only for washing. They also carried out a public function, where local residents communicated, held meetings, entered into agreements, read or sleep.

The closest corners of Varna is Cape Kaliakra. This is truly a wonderful landmark not only in Bulgaria, but the entire Black Sea coast. In the literal translation, the name of the cape is translated as "Beautiful Cape", which is associated with raspberry coloring. Excursions to this cape are always very interesting.

In Varna, on the Black Sea coast, is the most famous Aladj rock monastery. This is a unique group of natural caves that consist of chapels and cells. The monastery was created at the time when such a religious trend was spread as "hesychasm". In the rock you can see the elements of the monastic complex, and the walls are lushly decorated with bright wall paintings. The monastery is inactive, the monks left him in the 13th century.

True information about the naval history of the country can tell the National Maritime Museum. This is the only museum of this type throughout Bulgaria. The museum has many valuable exhibits that will be of interest to tourists from all over the world.

Another attraction of Varna is the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin. It is located in the northern part of Independence Square. A few gloomy, dark, unfriendly cathedral buildings are decorated with beautiful golden domes. Due to this the cathedral seems like air. This is the most revered symbol of Varna.

The amazing natural monument of the city is the "Stone Forest". This complex is located in the western part of the valley of Varna, and it consists of cylindrical stone columns. The surface of the columns is porous. Each exhibit reaches 5-6 meters in height. As a material for the construction of columns was used lime sandstone, which consists of a significant percentage of fossils. The total area of ​​the Stone Forest reaches 50 square kilometers.

The full and voluminous exposition of the Ethnographic Museum attracts the attention of tourists of all ages. The museum is currently in a renovated building. The exhibits of the museum are a cultural heritage of Bulgaria.

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