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Rent a car in Europe is not simple and effective for any traveler, even those who find themselves abroad for the first time :-)

It is very convenient, I recommend. And although in Europe there is a wonderful railway transport, walking schedule, comfortable and clean, the car is much nicer. And things do not need to be worn during transplants, and you can stop in any convenient place, and the route is easier to change and look much more.

The thing for small is to rent a car and be inexpensive and comfortable. And, most importantly, to understand all these insurance, liability and technical obligations. :-) In order not to break something by accident because of ignorance!

There are quite a few large, world-renowned companies offering cars for rent. This is both Hertz, Avis and Sixt and many others. You can rent a car online and on arrival in the destination country. As a rule, the racks of these companies are practically in all international airports and railway stations and in the city center.

I prefer to rent cars either in small, not very well-known companies or brokers. Both of them offer interesting prices. Small companies need to attract a client, and brokers receive good discounts from large landlords, and this makes them offer cars for rent at a lower price.

I will bring a few companies - AutoEurope, Europcar, Budget, Holiday Autos, easyCar.com and many more. I think, and it will be quite enough when choosing a car :-)

Although it always makes sense to watch rental rates in several retailers.

Details about how to rent a car (in turn, with illustrations), I wrote in this article. You also need to know about insurance with a franchise.

In addition to renting the car itself, you can order the following options in the rental:

Additional Driver - Another Driver
Baby seat - childhood priest (child till year),
Child seat - baby seat (child older than 1 year)
Winter tires - winter tires
Ski Rack - Roof Skiing
Snow tires - studded winter tires,
Snow chains - bus chains. Actually in the mountains, for example, the Alps.
On the last trip, I was forced to pay a franchise for damage, which was not indicated on the map of the car and which was detected by the receptionist at the time of delivery of the car at the airport. So so far I do not know whether I hurt myself, or I looked when I took a car in the garage.

So be careful when taking a car, check it out!

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