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In principle, to order an online car does not cause any complexity. All the sites of the rental companies are intuitive and easy to use.

Yet a small monument will not interfere. Therefore, I decided to write a small instruction in a screenshot so as not to be confused in terms of :-) For example, the site autoeurope.eu. They have a good price-quality ratio.

Planned to go to Spain, Catalonia from 22 to 27 September, and want to rent a car at the airport of Barcelona for the entire period.

We go to the site, in the form we enter data on the location of the lease and dates.


Click on the "Find Cars" button and on the next page we select from the list "Pick-Up City" (place of receipt) - Barselona and "Drop-Off City" (place of delivery) - also Barcelona. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and the closest airport to Loretto de Mar, where I am heading.

"Location Type" - I indicate the airport. You can also take a car from anywhere, directly from the office in the city of Barcelona itself, to the railway station and from any other place convenient for you.

I choose dates from 22 to 27 September and gearbox (Transmission). I equally ride on an automaton and on a mechanic, therefore I choose «Manual» or Automatic (automatic) ».

Next, the car category. I described in detail the categories of cars offered for rent. I now focus on the categories "Compact" (compact) and "Midsize" (average size). We are riding three - a man, our little son and I. We need to be economical, mobile and always find a place for parking. That's why we will come up with a small car.


Press the "please wait" button, wait a couple of seconds until the system picks up the appropriate options and gets to the next page, where we confirm the dates and place of receipt of the car - the airport of Barcelona.


Let's move on to the next step, in fact, before choosing a car. The list, as a rule, drops long, sample at a price - from the most economical to the expensive.

Also on this page you can change the search terms (Search Another) by selecting another country (Country) | Date, city or class of car (Date, City or Class) | Location.


As I already wrote, we are looking for an inexpensive small car, so I immediately stopped at the Citroen C4 2dr with ac Manual - it is a 2-door Citroen with a manual box and air conditioning (A / C - Air Control - air conditioning). I was attracted by this offer with the fact that the price is included, the so-called compensated franchise - Price include refundable excess. In detail about the terms of insurance for rent, you can read in the article on insurance franchises.

The meaning of this proposal is that in the event of an accident or abduction, the client is obliged to pay only the amount of the deductible, and the other is covered by the insurance company. In the case where the term "Price includes refundable excess" exists, the franchise value is insured by a third party. That is, if an accident still occurs and the client pays the franchise cost to the dealer (for example, 650 Euros), then this amount will be compensated to the client.

Please note - the price of 155.33 Euro is shown in all 5 days! Not bad :-)

Continued in the article Rent a car online. Part 2

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