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Continuation of the article - Rent a car online. Part 1

We chose the car, clicked "Select", switched to another page, where we double checked the data. We confirm that the franchise compensation option is included - red is highlighted at the top of the page. Price include refundable excess.


I can not specify the airline and the airline so far, so choose "Do not Know" in the "Select Your Airline" tab and dial the numbers in the "Flight Number" tab. The number of the flight is requested to be informed in order to know about your delay in case of a flight delay and keep a car for you.

Also, I indicate in the Optional Equipment Infant Seat baby seat.



Check that included in the rental terms - YOUR RENTAL INCLUDES:

* VAT as of the Date of the Booking: 17-Sep-2009 - the tax that exists on the date of the order, * Unlimited mileage and fire insurance - unlimited mileage and fire insurance, * Liability Insurance for injuries or damages to persons or things outside the vehicle - Citizenship liability in respect of 3rd persons, * Payment for parking at the airport. * Rental includes Collision Damage coverage. The rental includes insurance with a franchise, the client's liability limit of EUR 650, * Rental includes theft protection for the vehicle. An insurance premium of € 650 is available for hijacking with a liability limit of € 650, * Excess Refund Cover - and deductible deductions.

See NOT included in rental terms - RENTAL DOES NOT INCLUDE:

* Insurance coverage for personal injuries to driver or passengers. Optional coverage may be offered locally for an additional fee - insurance of persons in the car. Insure possible, but ha extra charge. * Gasoline or Diesel. Client is advised to return the vehicle with a full fuel tank and keep copies of gas receipts - the cost of gasoline or diesel. The customer is required to return a car with a full fuel tank. Otherwise, the client will charge the missing (to the full tank) liters. * Local tolls, highway fees, or travel stickers required by local authorities - local tolls, tolls, road stickers.

Carefully read the general terms - GENERAL TERMS! Details on what the clauses of the general terms mean in the article Conditions of car rental



We accept And what to do, otherwise they will not give the car :) Press "Finish Request".


We first check the data page. We fill out an e-mail form, personal data, credit card details (we all write off the card). Leave the "Travel Agent Use Only" and "Association / Group Use Only" fields blank. Confirm - click Submit.

Everything done! :-) Now a confirmation will be sent to the email address. Remember that you can refuse a reservation for at least 48 hours free of charge! :-)

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