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As a rule, car rental conditions in Europe are more or less similar for all rental companies.

It is necessary to read and understand them so that they will not be in an unpleasant situation unexpected for themselves.

Here, I will give you the general terms - General Terms, which you accept by signing a car rental agreement. For example, rent a car online using autoeurope.eu.

In the article "Rent a car online" I already detailed (in a screenshot) told how to rent a car online with the help of Internet resources.

Below is a screenshot of the terms of the contract:


Consider the following items:

* Auto Europe does not provide insurance. Coverage is provided by the rental company as indicated. Auto Europe is a broker (due to which they have adequate prices) and does not insure cars. The insurance company offers the distributor.

* Auto Europe has no cancellation or amendment fees when Auto Europe is advised 48 hours before the rental start date. Should the customer cancel less than 48 hours before the rental start date, it does not show up or show up late to collect the vehicle and no charge will be charged for the first 3 days of the rental. Auto can not cancel reservations in less than 48 hours. If you cancel the booking less than 48 hours, you will be charged a 3-day rental (!). Money for unused hire days is not compensated if you return the car to the stated deadline.

Renter and any other drivers must present a valid driver license for a minimum of 2 years. - The lessee or other drivers are required to provide a driving license with a minimum of 2 years' experience.

* Please note at the time of pick up the local supplier will require a security deposit to be left for the vehicle. This takes a form of amount (minimum: Excess + Fuel + VAT) being blocked on the primary drivers credit card (cash deposits, Maestro, Switch, Visa Electron and debit cards are rarely accepted so please be sure to check with our agents at the time of reservation if you require this facility. When a car is rented out, the company - the dealer blocks on your credit card a certain amount of funds, the amount of which is equal to the sum of the deductible + cost full fuel tank + tax. This amount will be unlocked by the dealer at the time of returning the car (if there was no accident if the tank is full). Maestro, Switch, Visa Electron and debit cards are not accepted for payment (and that is why debits are not accepted, nobody really answered me).

* Optional items (ie: luggage rack, child seats, etc.) Are on a request basis only, for an additional fee. Drop off charges, if applicable, are estimates only, and may change without notice - Options such as baby chairs, ski racks, etc. can be taken at a separate charge.

* Deliveries / Collections are available on a request basis only, for an additional fee - The company can pick up the car itself from anywhere you leave it for a fee.

* Minimum driver age 21. Additional Drivers sign on and pay a fee locally - Minimum driver age 21 years.

* Auto Europe strongly recommends the customer to check if the car is DIESEL or UNLEADED petrol at pick up - suggest check fuel type before refueling :-)))

* The rental calculation is based on a 24-hour period, with a delay of even a couple of hours paid for a full day. lease

* 5, 6 & 7 day rentals are a weekly rate, any rental period is longer than or shorter than 5-7 days is calculated on a daily basis - Lease for 5.6 and 7 days is payable at a special weekly rate. If the term of lease is more or more (!) 5.6 and 7 days, then the payment is based on the base rate (such is: -0)

* Travel is allowed in Andorra & Portugal at no extra charge. Travel is authorized in Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco & Switzerland upon purchase of additional insurance at approx. ? 35 -? 102 per rental (cost depends on length of rental). Countries of travel must be noted at the time of booking. They warn that if you go to Andorra and Portugal, you do not need to pay extra if you need to pay extra for insurance in other European countries. .

(!) This item will vary depending on the country where you rent the car. In this example, you are considering a lease in Spain.

* The insurance coverage does not cover damage to windows, tires, the roof, vehicle underside and interior, towing charges or damage caused by negligently, wilfully or recklessly - insurance premium does not cover windows, tires, roof, interior of the lower part and other damage caused by careless handling (it is also strange, and an accident is a cautious handling?).

Terms of car rental +/- are the same for all companies, so read carefully to know what you subscribe to and what is waiting for you!

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