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China is the largest country that is famous for its rich history and the largest population in the world. China is located in Central and East Asia at 9.6 million square meters. km It ranks third in size after Russia and Canada. China is famous for its landscapes. It is impossible to study this country with pictures and stories. It needs to be visited. And only in this case you will discover its amazing secrets.

China is one of the most attractive and popular countries in the world for tourism, thanks to the perfect combination of new and modern with mysterious and strange. Many secrets of China have not been studied until now. Therefore, the rest in China will give you a huge amount of bright impressions and pleasant memories.



In China, you can take a breathtaking sight by looking at the Great Wall of Badalin, visiting the Temple of Heaven, a museum of terracotta horses and warriors where the Emperor Qinshihuan is buried, and much more.

Hotels in China will please every tourist, regardless of his preferences and income level. Lovers of new experiences, entertainment, travel, excursions and big cities will open a new world of unexplored feelings in the resorts of China, as hotels are usually located near major shopping malls and interesting attractions.

If you are looking for an exotic or prefer a relaxing holiday, then pay special attention to the hotels of Hainan Island. Picturesque lakes and the emerald sea with white beaches, as well as the highest quality of service in comfortable rooms attract a huge number of tourists from different parts of the globe.

Beidaiches hotels

Beydayhe is a sea resort in China, located 280 km east of Beijing on the shore of the Bohai Bay of the Yellow Sea. This resort is buried in greenery. Its cleanest sandy beaches, stretching for 10 km, the blue sea, a relaxing atmosphere and picturesque bays. With the onset of night, the lights of night discos are not lit, young people are tightening, but tourists who enjoy pleasant coolness walk around.

At this time, the sea is breathtaking with a beautiful romantic atmosphere, which, combined with the noise of the surf, excellent cuisine and light breeze, allows the tourists to fully relax and enjoy the silence. Hotels in Beidaich give each guest the best conditions for a comfortable stay, as well as healing treatments at the hotels or in many sanatoria. This resort is relatively budget-friendly, so Beydayhee hotels are mainly in the categories of 3-4 stars. Rest in Beidaichi will be very helpful for families with children and elderly people. Youth companies here seem too silent and calm.

Weihai hotels

Weihai is a health resort in China, rightly referred to as a true healing paradise. It is located on Shandong Peninsula. Everyone who at least once visited this wonderful place, forever falls in love with its cleanest mountain air, picturesque landscapes and white sandy beaches. This resort is surrounded by high mountains and drowned in pine forests, which creates a beautiful beauty, and in combination with sea and coniferous air, Weihai's cure cures and heals all diseases.

Hotels in Weihai offer a wide variety of accommodation options with varying levels of comfort. The prices for rooms will please every tourist who wants not only to rest from difficult everyday life, but also to improve his health. Different wellness programs that include the Weihai hotel will suit you.

Hong Kong hotels

Hong Kong is a rapidly developing metropolis, which has become a symbol of progressive concepts and free trade in the financial markets. This city is located at the base of continental China and serves as a unique portal that unites the culture of Europe and Asia. Their merger and created this wonderful city.

Holidays in Hong Kong will allow you to get to know more about the future of the world, where the latest achievements of modern Western technology and the traditional Oriental culture are well received. This city is one of the largest tourist centers, so Hong Kong hotels offer a huge number of first class rooms that have everything you need for a comfortable stay. There are both luxurious hotels and inexpensive hotels that will help you spend your holidays in Hong Kong at the highest class.

Dalian Hotels

Dalian is an international seaside resort center offering its tourists spa and sanatorium treatment. The city is located on the southern outskirts of the Liaodong Peninsula and is surrounded on the three sides by the sea. This resort is considered one of the best in North China. The most popular resort is the island of Bachuyu.

It is 5 km south of Dalian. A well-known golf club, a winter hunting club, and a yacht club with lots of water activities are located in Jinshitan Resort. Here you can enjoy an active vacation and have a great time. Hotels in Dalian offer their guests high-quality service and effective treatment. The level of comfort and quality of service will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding tourists.

Luoyang hotels

Luoyang is one of the oldest cities in China, located in the west of Henan Province, on the banks of the Lo River. The oldest history, reflected in the numerous sights of the city, makes this city a particularly popular and favorite destination for tourists. Holidays in Luoyang are best spent from April to June or in September. At this time there are not so many tourists and there is the opportunity to enjoy all the sights. Loyana Hotels is a great opportunity to enjoy the comfort and comfort. And a short distance from the main attractions will not let you get tired.

Beijing hotels

Beijing is the capital of China, where about 22 million people live. The city is an important center of finance for the Asian continent and attracts tourists with plenty of attractions. What only costs the Great Wall of China and Tiananmen Square. The city itself is extremely beautiful, contrasting and mysterious.

It combines modernity and centuries-old traditions. Here you can look at the former palaces of emperors and majestic skyscrapers, wander through beautiful parks, as well as visit famous opera houses and Buddhist monasteries. Beijing hotels are mostly economical. They are located all over the city and offer good amenities in accordance with the category 3 *. Having settled in one of the hotels, you can easily reach the most interesting places of Beijing.

Hotels in Xi'an

Xi'an is an ancient city of China, located in the central part of the East of the Celestial Empire, on the Wei River. Every year, a huge number of tourists from all over the world come here to explore the many sights of the city, as well as to get acquainted with Chinese culture. In Sihany there is a large number of historical monuments that reflect the history of the world's largest civilization. The main attraction of Xi'an is the Museum of Terracotta Warriors. Hotels in Xi'an welcome tourists at affordable prices, whether they are 4 or 5 star hotels.

However, they differ significantly in their location. The most expensive of them are located not far from the city center, its monuments and attractions, as well as from the pilgrimage sites of tourists. Also, it should be borne in mind that the prices of hotels in Xi'an markedly rise during a remarkable period. For example, if there is an exhibition center near the hotel, then during the various events in it, the cost of hotel rooms increases.

Hainan hotels

Hainan is a tropical island of China, located in the south of the country, at one latitude from Hawaii. For this he was nicknamed "Eastern Hawaii". Rest in Hainan is a real dip in the tropical paradise, which can be compared with more expensive tours to Dominican, Maldives and Seychelles. Arriving here, you will be able to enjoy the original divine and breath of fresh air. The average annual air temperature here does not drop below 24 degrees, and the water warms up to an average of 26 degrees.

Thus, at Hainan, there are at least 300 sunny days a year. Hotels in Hainan are famous for their extremely high level of service and comfort. In addition, they provide golf courses. Modern and fashionable hotels are located in the Dragon Bay of Asia, on three sides surrounded by mountains. The level of service in them meets the highest requirements of tourism.

Hangzhou Hotels

Hangzhou is an international tourist center of China, located 180 km from Shanghai. This city is famous for its beautiful nature, sung in China's poetry. Among the most popular sights here is the Buddhist monastery, the Temple of the Soul of the Soul and the statue of the smiling Buddha.

According to the legend, everyone who touches her will have great happiness. Hangzhou is also a city with incredible silk fabrics, and the Museum of Silk has gathered everything related to the centuries-old history of this production. Hangzhou hotels are presented in a wide variety and offer their guests accommodation in comfortable rooms, which provides everything you need for a good rest.

Hotels in Chengde

Chengde is a small resort town in northern China, the province of Hebei. It is located 200 km northeast of Beijing. Near him are the Yanshanskie Mountains and the Bohai Gulf. The small temple of Potala, built in 1767 with Kansi's grandson, is located in the town. His prototype was the palace of the Dalai Lama in Lhasa. The bell of happiness is on the roof of the pavilion. If you pay one yuan, you can call it.

Hotels in Chengde are distinguished by hospitality, high quality service and a rich selection of accommodation options. Moreover, they are located near the main attractions of the city. The cozy rooms of the hotel provide everything you need to feel like at home. The most popular hotels in Chengde are Jingcheng 4 *, Yunshan 4 * and Bifeng 3 *.

Shanghai Hotels

Shanghai is a rich and lively city in southern China, which is located at the mouth of the great Yangtze River. Its influx divides the city into two parts. From time immemorial, Shanghai's whole life was connected with the sea. This city is the largest port in East Asia, as well as its trading capital. Holidays in Shanghai will allow you to visit the very heart of the East. Tourists are particularly attracted by local shopping centers, restaurants and nightclubs.

There are a large number of attractions, including architectural monuments of different times, temples and gardens. Shanghai hotels meet the demands of a modern tourist. Most of them are in category 4 * and offer high-quality service. Cheap hotels in Shanghai are not hostels and hostels that are redeveloped at hotels. They have 2-3 * categories and provide unique living conditions for those who want to save.


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