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Greece - a country in which every tourist can rest as he wants. There is everything for a good rest: beautiful nature, clean sea, beautiful beaches, as well as a huge number of the most famous historical monuments and entertainment.

Hotels in Greece provide clear service and quality accommodation for guests. The servicing staff does not pull out the tip of the tourists, behaves calmly and extremely benevolent and highly appreciates respectful attitude to himself. Each resort in Greece has its own "profile". Consider each of them in more detail.



Hotels in Halkidiki

The Halkidiki Peninsula is one of the largest tourist centers in Greece, located on the north-eastern coast of the Aegean Sea. It became famous, thanks to its hotel and hotel complexes, which are characterized by high comfort, as well as excellent beaches and warm waters of the Aegean Sea.

The peninsula consists of three parts - Sithonia, Afona and Cassandra. Hotels in Halkidiki, located in Sithonia, are well suited to those who prefer a beach, calm city. Hotels of Afon will appreciate the pilgrims, because it is here that there is a large number of Orthodox monasteries. Hotels in Kassandra are more focused on nightlife and leisure activities.

Hotels in Peloponnese

Peloponnese - a peninsula that is located in the southern part of Greece. It was here that the actions of many ancient myths took place, so the rest on the peninsula will be not only qualitative, but also mysterious. The Peloponnese is the best place for a quiet and relaxing holiday. European hotels of Peloponnese provide excellent service and comfort at very affordable prices.

Wonderful sandy beaches are far from the noisy cities and allow you to enjoy the peace and tranquility. Hotels in Peloponnese are presented in a large variety and allow you to choose exactly the option that suits you. For example, two-and three-star hotels, while not able to offer you a luxurious service, but provide quite decent living conditions, and four- and five-star hotel will enjoy full rest at a certain price.

Crete hotels

Crete is an island that has centuries of history and is the most beloved resort in Greece among tourists. There is everything for an unforgettable Greek vacation, which will give you a lot of bright impressions. Hotels in Crete mostly have their own beaches and are located on the seafront.

Some modern economy class hotels look so attractive that top-notch hotels in other Mediterranean countries can even envy. Architecture of most hotels in Crete has details that resemble ancient Minoan buildings. As a rule, in the hotels of the island there are the largest pools with a sea view, comfortable sun decks, as well as lush tropical gardens. Bright sunshine, beautiful rooms and crystal waters of the sea have a beneficial effect on the guests of Crete daily.

Kofr Hotels

Coffer is the elite resort of Greece, which is buried in the green citrus gardens and olive groves. Most hotels here have a Deluxe category and provide a great holiday for lovers of nightlife, solitude and tranquility. Comfortable rooms are accompanied by amenities such as gardens, a swimming pool, a bar, a restaurant, night clubs and many more, which will provide you the best vacation in Greece. The most popular hotels in the Corfu are Corfu Holiday Palace, Divani Corfu Palace, Bella Vista Beach Hotel and Louis Corcyra Beach Hotel. Coffe hotels are the ideal option for a holiday with all amenities at affordable prices. The most suitable months for a visit to the coffers are July and August.

Hotels in Rhodes

Rhodes - one of the most popular islands in Greece. In another way, it is called the Butterfly Island or the Rose Island. On its slopes, rosy shrubs grow abundantly, and in a certain season their cocoons leave a whole group of colorful butterflies. The beauty of the island began to attract people from ancient times. If you want to go on holiday with children, we recommend heading east Rhodes, Faliraki, Lindos, Kallithea, Kolimbia and all the Mediterranean coast looking forward to their young guests and their parents.

The windless weather, gentle sandy beaches and a tranquil sea will give you a good rest. Hotels in Rhodes are presented in a variety of categories and are distinguished by first class service, unsurpassed cleanliness and good-natured attitude to each guest. For amateurs of a relaxing holiday there is a great opportunity to go to a little crowded town and enjoy the silence.

Koss hotels

Kos Island is a rather unusual place for tourists from all over the world. It is located in the Aegean Sea, not far from Bodrum's Turkish resort, which offers it a special attraction. Summer is never too hot, and from the sea there is a cool breeze. Hotels in Kola provide an increased level of service. At your choice: expensive hotels of 4 * or more modest variants, located far from the city center.

The pleasant and friendly atmosphere of Greece will accompany you and in the hotels of Kos. A large number of accommodation options and pleasant prices will allow you to choose the most optimal option for you. The Koss hotels are close to the historic center, making it easy to reach from anywhere in the city. In Greece there is quite a warm winter and a very long summer, so that you can enjoy the rest of Kos in the whole year.

Zakynthos Hotels

Zakynthos is the southernmost of the Ionian islands. It attracts a large number of tourists to enjoy the unique beauty of nature. Zakynthos Hotels are located in the most picturesque corners of the island, with windows offering amazing views of the seascapes.

The hotel provides a combination of stunning "all inclusive" service and a full range of services and entertainment, so that any domestic problems are completely eliminated, and even the most demanding customers will be fully satisfied with the requests. Hotels in Zakynthos have all the facilities for a good rest and sport. Also provided are children's mini clubs, an interesting animation program, swimming pools and playgrounds, as well as great bars and restaurants, accompanied by the necessary household services.

Hotels in Santorini

Santorini is the most beautiful Mediterranean island and one of the finest places on the planet. Its uniqueness is reflected in the cosmopolitan atmosphere, the wonderful landscape, fascinating history, and, of course, in hotels with a high-level service, in which every tourist can enjoy a full rest at very affordable prices. Hotels in Santorini are quite peculiar in their style and location. They seem to be adhered to each other and hang over the abyss. Their style resembles an ancient Greek village. The best hotels in Santorini provide unforgettable walks along the coast on their own yachts.

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