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Italy is one of the most remarkable and beautiful countries in the world. It is located in the Mediterranean part of Europe and borders with Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and France. Holidays in Italy can not be compared to anything. Here you can get acquainted with numerous historical monuments, touched the rich cultural heritage, to taste amazing local cuisine, to spend a great holiday on the beaches and world-class ski resorts, as well as to take advantage of unlimited shopping opportunities. Not surprisingly, tours to Italy are very popular among tourists.

Hotels in Italy provide all the amenities that are so necessary for a modern tourist. One day spent in this wonderful country will allow you to fully enjoy all kinds of entertainment. You will feel truly happy when you come to your comfortable room at the hotel, which provides all the necessary conditions for a relaxing holiday.



Hotels in Italy provide soft and cozy beds for maximum comfortable and absolutely serene sleep, air conditioners, TVs with many channels, and mini bars. Whatever the number of stars, you can use wired and wireless internet access. Hotels in Italy provide tourists with their guide, which will show all the beauty and secrets of this wonderful country. You will be able to look into those places where every passer-by is not able to get through.

Resorts of Italy provide every tourist with a unique opportunity to spend their holiday at their own will. Here you can lie on numerous sandy beaches, which are washed by the blue waters of the five seas. If you like a secluded holiday, you can enjoy harmony with nature on the wild, pristine beaches of the country. Proponents of active recreation can have a great time at the ski resorts in Italy and use special programs.

In every Italian resort, something special is prepared for you. Let's take a look at the main resorts of this stunning country in more detail.

Venice hotels

Venice - one of the largest tourist centers in Italy, located on 117 islands, which are connected by more than 400 bridges and thrown through 150 channels. This is a very beautiful and romantic city with lots of sights. There are plenty of beautiful palaces, churches, interesting shops and residential neighborhoods. Hotels in Venice are located near the city center and have more than 400 apartments of different categories. These are mainly large hotel complexes with a category of 4 * and 5 *.

Many of them are located in buildings that are architectural monuments. Their main advantage is that they are located near the most beautiful sights, restaurants and best shops in Venice, which will not let you get tired of looking for entertainment. Moreover, it is in the central part of the city for tourists organizing various excursions, conferences, presentations and exhibitions. If you want to avoid plentiful flow of tourists, then come to Venice in the spring or fall.

Verona hotels

Verona is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Italy. It is located near Lake Garda. Rest in Verona surprises tourists with their medieval splendor. If you decide to have a rest in this wonderful city, you can enjoy a romantic atmosphere, thanks to Romeo and Juliet, famous for the whole world of Verona. This allowed to call Verona the city of Lovers. Also worth paying special attention to the house Kapuleti, which is decorated with diverse and colorful autographs.

Verona hotels provide cozy accommodation with everything you need for a comfortable stay. There are also numerous boarding houses and apartments with different price levels. Despite the fact that Verona is a fairly small city, it attracts so many tourists that in the most "hot" season, the cost of living here can be compared with the Roman or Milan prices. The most popular Verona hotels are Hotel Verona, Hotel Torcolo, Locanda Catullo, Il Mastino.

Hotels in Milan

Milan is Italy's most populous city in which business life, fashion, finance and media flourish. It is here that tourists come for shopping. And with such a busy shopping, few people mention that Milan is a city with a mysterious history, unique architecture, magnificent basilicas and unique museums. For example, in the Duomo area, there is the Vittorio Emmanuele Gallery, under the glass hood of which is the "city hall" with cozy cafes, restaurants, fashion shops and famous hotels.

Milan hotels are impressive with its diversity, amazing architecture and a huge number of accommodation options. All of them value their reputation and offer tourists the highest level of service with the possibility of choosing numbers on the personal preferences of the client. At your disposal are both 5-star luxury hotels in Milan and cozy hotels in the middle class, as well as affordable hotels that are suitable for Spartan lovers. During the period of exhibitions, many hotels in Milan set higher rates for accommodation, so you need to book a hotel in Milan in advance.

Hotels in Naples

Naples is a spa town in Italy, the third largest in Rome and Milan, as well as the largest and most ancient city in the southern part of Italy. Naples is the capital of the Campania region. Nearby is the famous Vesuvius Volcano. At this resort you can enjoy the rich culture and hospitable hospitality of the locals.

There are modern shipbuilding, steel and porcelain factories, magnificent palaces, national museums and art galleries. Hotels in Naples, restaurants and nightclubs are the most prestigious in this part of Italy. In the business quarter or in the historic center you can always find a hotel that will satisfy all your preferences not only for price parameters, but also for the quality of service.

Rome hotels

Rome is the largest city and capital of Italy. Annually here comes a huge number of tourists to enjoy the unspeakable view of the outskirts of the city at dawn from the highest hill of Yanikuli, columns and ruins of the temples. Rome is also famous for urban sounds that begin early in the morning with the bell of church bells and merge into the diversity of the city symphony all day long.

Rome hotels are presented in a wide variety and allow you not only to enjoy a comfortable vacation, but also to save a lot on it. It is worth noting that cheap Rome hotels are located in different parts of the city, including in its central areas. Not far from them are most of the sights that will make your vacation more diverse.

Hotels in Rimini and Ravenna

The provinces of Rimini and Ravenna are one of the most developed spa areas in Italy. There is a huge number of sports facilities: swimming pools, tennis courts and soccer fields. Among the attractions you can spend time in aqua and moon parks, go to the dolphinarium or theme parks: "Italy in miniature" and "Country of fairy tales." You can also diversify your vacation in numerous bars, discos and nightclubs. During the entire summer season, concerts, fairs and festivals are held here.

Hotels in Rimini and Ravenna are mostly small, comfortable hotels located within the city and range from 3 to 5 stars. The level of service and the quality of service they are able to satisfy the wishes of even the most demanding tourists. Rest in Rimini and Ravenna can be held on the city's sandy beach. Umbrellas and sun loungers are available at the hotel for an extra charge. The exception is the most expensive hotels in Rimini and Ravenna, the Grand Hotel di Rimini, which has a private beach.

Hotels in Sardinia

Sardinia is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean. It is 250 km west of Italy and is washed by the Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian seas. The main attraction of Sardinia undoubtedly is the unusual beauty of the island and the sea, immeasurable cleanliness and transparency. Mysterious karst caves, granite red rocks, corkscrew groves, secluded bays, beautiful beaches with snow or golden sand and the sea - all this awaits you in Sardinia. Hotels in Sardinia are one of the most exclusive in the world.

If you decide to spend your vacation here, then pleasantly surprised exquisite local cuisine, which includes classic pasta, spaghetti, and in Italy the best lamb and fish soup burrida. Hotels in Sardinia will allow you to plunge into the paradise climate of the Mediterranean Sea. All major network hotels in the world, including Le Meridien and Forte, are presented to you. In addition, numerous private hotels in Sardinia are ready to receive visitors at any time with the guarantee of the highest level of comfort and quality of service.

Hotels in Sicily

Sicily is the most noble and modern island of Italy, which is separated from the Messinian Strait from the Apennine Peninsula. It is washed by three seas: the Mediterranean, Tyrrhenian and Ionian. This resort attracts tourists with a mild climate, majestic mountains with harsh cliffs, clear sea, small picturesque towns, located on the slopes of the mountains, as well as long citrus groves and vineyards.

Rest in Sicily also allows you to see the famous sights. For example, you can visit the ancient Capuchin monastery, which until the end of the 19th century hid the notable local inhabitants and clergy. Many Sicily hotels are a true living legend. They are located in ancient towers, monasteries and towers. These include: Palazzo Federico and Baglio Della Luna. Each guest will be able to feel the medieval atmosphere and enjoy the first-class service.

Tuscany hotels

Tuscany - a place where every tourist is required to go. This resort can be proudly called the soul and heart of Italy. Even a fairly short stay here will allow you to feel the perfect therapy and get rid of constant stress and other disorders that day by day chase a city dweller. True relaxation and a great vacation will provide you with Tuscan hotels, considered one of the most sought after in Italy.

Here you will find excellent home cuisine and one of the best wines in the country. You can also settle in one of the country residences, transformed into hotels in Tuscany by local entrepreneurs. Moreover, the quality of service in them corresponds to magnificent five-star hotels.

Florence hotels

Florence is the center of Italian culture and the birthplace of the Renaissance. The small space of the city retains a huge number of unique works of art, which are nowhere else. So, in the city landscape of Florence is the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore with the Giotto bell tower and the Brunellesque dome.

In the most beautiful area of ​​Xignori, you will see the ancient Palazzo Vecchio palace, in which there are numerous bills, including a copy of David's work of Michelangelo. When choosing hotels in Florence, it must be taken into account that the historic city center is small enough, and the distances between the most interesting sights are insignificant. Many of Florence's hotels are located near the Santa Maria Novella Central Station.

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