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Mauritius is a wonderful island, located in the south-western Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. Here dominated by lush tropical vegetation and white sandy beaches. The island is surrounded by coral reefs, protecting it from storms and providing a safe haven for tropical fish.

A wonderful, mild climate allows every tourist to have an unforgettable vacation in Mauritius. From November to April there is a summer, so the great advantage of this island is a beach holiday at a time when we have snow and cold winter. Unlike most tropical countries, Mauritius is quite dry. And the special humidity is not felt even after rain. The island is hot in the afternoon and cool at night.



Holidays in Mauritius will give you a lot of pleasant experiences not only because of warm sea, beautiful sandy beaches, exotic tropical and warm sun, but also the highest level of service and service quality, which are famous hotels of Mauritius. It is here that the most demanding tourists prefer to rest.

All hotel staff are specially trained and highly intelligent staff who can guess the wishes of the guests. Hotels in Mauritius provide the highest level of comfort and are for those who want to enjoy the best of relaxation.

When choosing tours to Mauritius, it must be taken into account that its regions are very different from each other. So let's take a look at the features of each resort of this island in more detail.

North Coast of Mauritius hotels

North coast of Mauritius is considered to be the most sunny. There are practically no winds here. This is where huge numbers of tourists come to relax on the magnificent beaches, numerous luxury hotels and luxury villas. Hotels on the north coast of Mauritius are located on the coast and offer plenty of entertainment for all tastes.

In this part of the resort is a very developed entertainment infrastructure. Here you can relax amateurs of the water sports, fishing, etc. The north coast of Mauritius is a luxurious service, well-appointed rooms and friendly staff who will fulfill any of your wishes. If you want to save, then you can settle in low-cost hotels in the northern coast of Mauritius with a basic set of services.

Hotels in East Coast Mauritius

The East Coast of Mauritius is perhaps the best place to relax. Here you can enjoy a variety of landscapes, pleasant weather, luxurious beaches and hotels. Surfing, hunting and golf lovers will prefer to relax here. The east coast of Mauritius is located among tropical gardens and equipped with golf courses.

In the magnificent lagoon there are private beaches of hotels, where you can completely relax and enjoy the gentle sun. The east coast of Mauritius is especially remarkable in the morning, because it's just a wonderful sunrise that combines with stunning light effects and an unforgettable game of colors.

Hotels in South Coast of Mauritius

The southern coast of Mauritius is a direct opposite of the north by its nature, the landscape and the presence of tourists. This area differs from others in its picturesque, vegetation and unusual beauty. Here is the magnificent mountain range of Morne Braban, which rises above the blue lagoons. The beaches around it are simply charming, and the underwater fauna is rich and varied. Hotels in the south coast of Mauritius are distinguished by their comfort and quality of service.

Hotels in West Coast of Mauritius

West coast of Mauritius runs through the most beautiful places. On one side is the sea, and on the other - magnificent theatrical scenery and quaint mountain shape with funny names "fortress wall", "Karaul", "thumb", etc. This area is the most arid in Mauritius. Here preserved the primordial nature of nature. Here are the most beautiful beaches, lovely beaches and beautiful lagoon with clear water. Hotels in West Coast of Mauritius will provide you with an unforgettable vacation and will make you believe in a fairy tale.

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