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Sri Lanka is a huge, bright, colorful and flowing island island, as well as a truly unique place on Earth without any exaggeration. This island is located in Southeast Asia, east of the southern extremity of Hindustan and is washed by the Indian Ocean, as well as its Bengal Bay. All year round there is a favorable weather. Bright sun, warm sea and golden sandy beaches attracts more and more tourists every year. The rich variety of natural beauty, hospitable and very friendly locals, high quality and affordable to every service - that's what it's worth to visit in Sri Lanka.

Many hotels in Sri Lanka are not similar to each other and processed by outstanding masters of architecture, including Jeffrey Bawa. In the hotel's architecture, the unique combination of traditional and modern, official and picturesque, as well as eastern and western, prevails. The infrastructure of most hotels is the interconnection of courtyards, verandahs and loggias, which are surrounded by lush flowering gardens, a white sandy beach and the affectionate Indian Ocean.



Numerous Sri Lankan resorts are one of the most visited tourist centers that offer the modern traveler all the necessary conditions for an exciting and enjoyable holiday. They differ in their geographical location and climate, and also have their own specifics. Consider each of them in more detail.

Hotels in Induruvia

Induruwa - the resort area of ​​Sri Lanka, located on the southwest coast of the island, 3 km south of Bentota. The distance from Induruwa to Colombo is 64 km, and the road to the airport will take about two hours. The path to the resort is very picturesque. Through the palm grove of the road, you can see the beach, coastal beauty and emerald ocean. Indurava is great for a relaxing beach holiday. Here you can have a great time, away from work and city void.

What better morning walks along the line of the surf or in the quiet streets of a small exotic town, meeting dawn and the beauty of pristine nature? Rest in Indurava will not leave anyone indifferent. Hotels in Induruvia will allow you to enjoy a complete holiday. They are located on multi-kilometer beaches. Rooms offer unobstructed views of the ocean. In the evenings, you can comfortably sit on the balcony and admire the romantic event, sipping through a thin tube a delicious fruit cocktail.

Tangal Hotels

Tangalle - a resort town and one of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka, located on the southern coast of the island. From Colombo it is separated 195 km. In the main bay of Tangalle there is a fishing port, and on the other coast there are smaller bays with beaches, which are bordered by coconut palms.

Here you can enjoy wonderful dishes from freshly seared seafood. Every year more and more people come here, wanting to have an active vacation to do diving and snorkelling. Hotels in Tangalı are presented in a wide variety and allow every tourist to enjoy high-quality service regardless of their social status.

Hotels in Maraville

Marawi - a tourist resort in Sri Lanka, located on the west coast of the island, 60 km north of Colombo. Here you can spend an unforgettable vacation on endless beaches with soft golden sand, which will please you with the gentle water of the Indian Ocean blue blue sapphire color, secret burials and bays, underwater coral gardens, as well as the remains of sunken ships, liked by the fish of all colors of the rainbow.

The hotels in Maravila are distinguished by high quality service regardless of the categories. Even if you choose a very economical accommodation option at this resort, you can safely count on high-speed Internet access, a high culture of service and a welcoming atmosphere, which is a great addition to the main attractions of Maraville. Once you decide to go to this wonderful resort, be prepared for the unexpected but very pleasant surprises and bright impression that has been prepared for you by the hotels of Maravila.

Hotels in Ahungalli

Ahungal is a small resort town in Sri Lanka, located 78 km from Colombo. Here you can enjoy the unusual beauty of beautiful beaches and tropical landscapes. As a tourist resort, this city began to develop relatively recently, so the hotel Ajunganli so far can not boast of its diversity, but they all meet the highest requirements of comfort and comfort.

Hotels in Ahungalli are ideal for a relaxing holiday away from the city hustle and bustle. Here you can truly enjoy the silence, beauty and tranquility. As an entertainment there is a private mini-zoo that will please the whole family. Also near the city is a turtle nursery, where you can watch the active life of turtles.

Hotels in Koggali

Koggala is a small and very popular resort in Sri Lanka, located near Colombo. The best period for a rest in Koggale is from October to March, as at this time there are diving centers located right on the coast of the resort area, which will especially be enjoyed by lovers of active recreation. At other times you can enjoy the comfort of the beaches and hotels. Almost all Koggali hotels are located on the coast of the island.

You can choose for yourself a cozy five star hotel with the highest level of service or option cheaper. In any case, you will be pleasantly surprised by the conditions of residence, as all hotels in Koggali have comfortable hotels with all the conditions for a pleasant stay. The friendly staff fulfills all the wishes of the guests with great pleasure.

Dickwell hotels

Dicvetl is a resort in Sri Lanka, distant from Colombo for more than 100 km. It is famous for its broad and clean beaches, calm ocean and beautiful nature. Annually here comes a huge number of tourists to strengthen their health and recharge energy. Thanks to the most ancient methods of treating Ayurveda and aromatherapy, you can relieve stress and fatigue, purify your body and increase its resistance to disease. All this gives a unique rejuvenating effect. The Dikvelli hotels will allow you to enjoy a complete holiday. Cozy rooms and friendly staff will not leave indifferent any tourist. On the whole, rest in Dikvell is a find for a tourist who wants to have a good time and improve his health.

Colombo hotels

Colombo is a spa town and the capital of fabulous Sri Lanka, which is a great place to relax. At your service are the new comfortable hotels in Colombo, which are distinguished by the highest level of service and hospitality. In addition, you can use additional services here: bars, restaurants, conference halls, swimming pools, night clubs, business centers, fitness centers and many more.

Among the attractions, tourists also have a 24-hour casino with free entrance, alcoholic beverages and snacks. Colombo hotels hospitably host tourists with different income levels. You can stay in any hotel category from two to five stars. It all depends on your preferences and income level. But what kind of accommodation would you choose for yourself, know that vacation in Colombo will not make you disappointed in the trip.

Hotels in Halle

Halle, the resort town of the port of sunny-exotic Sri Lanka, is located in the southwest of the country. It is connected by railroads from Mataro and Colombo. The city is one of the main tourist centers of the state. You can enjoy a lot of pleasure in Halle, thanks to the active beach holiday and historical excursions. Hotels in Halle every year take a huge stream of tourists, providing high-quality service, rainbow hospitality and generosity.

Hotels in Halle are always spacious, clean and beautiful. The food here is very tasty and consists of exotic and familiar European cuisine. At lunch time, tourists usually go for a walk and visit cafes or restaurants, so it is customary to order breakfasts and dinners at the hotels. Hotels in Halle very much like family couples and the elderly, thanks to the warmth and comfort of hospitality. 5-star hotels in Halle are a true paradise for newlyweds. Here are weddings, meetings of various holidays and so forth.

Hotels have been given away

Given - the famous resort of Sri Lanka, located 35 km south of Colombo and surrounded by a palm garden. There are extensive beaches with golden sand and soft, transparent, blue waves of the ocean. Charming panoramas and magnificent exotic beaches captivate the spirit, give grace and carry it into a wonderful fairy tale. Hotels have given this place a special shade and color.

Almost all rooms have balconies, where you can admire the beauty of the resort's scenery in the morning. The Hotels have been offering their guests a service at an elevated level of comfort. There is everything that a modern tourist needs: a great menu for those with a diet, lunch box, bar, restaurant, shops, gift shops, free internet access, laundry and more. Some hotels have been specially designed for people with disabilities.

Hotels in Kalutara

Kalutara is a small resort in Sri Lanka, located 43 km from Colombo. There are wonderful white sand beaches, an emerald swirling ocean, sports clubs and unsurpassed views. Hotels in Kalutara are happy to welcome all the tourists who came here to enjoy a relaxed, active, historic or cognitive vacation.

Prices for rooms in these hotels, as well as their beauty, well-being and neatness will pleasantly surprise you. Moreover, having arrived at this resort, you immediately feel sincere hospitality. You will not have to miss the right place here because the seaside of entertainment will cover you with joy, laughter and a positive head. Hotels in Kalutara offer meals for different types of menus. You can order only breakfasts, and the main food is provided in any cafe and restaurant.

Bentota Hotels

Bentota - the famous resort of Sri Lanka, located on the southwest coast of the island, at the confluence of the river and the ocean. Rest on Bentota is great for newlyweds and lovely couples. This is an ideal place for romantic meetings and honeymoon. Hotels in Bentota meet their tourists with great affinity and offer a large selection of rooms of all categories for any level of income.

When choosing to live an economical hotel, you can expect a fairly decent level of service according to the price. Almost all Bentota hotels have access to high-speed internet. In Bentota, you will have a friendly atmosphere and a high culture of service, due to the glorious hospitality of the locals.

Hotels in Beruwelli

Burwell - one of the most popular resorts in Sri Lanka, located 56 km from Colombo. There is a protracted beach on which grow coconut trees, interwoven with each other ropes. With their help locals move around the trees and collect coconut juice. Swim in the bay can be all year round, because the water here is very warm. The Beruwelli hotels are modernized and offer high quality accommodation at reasonable rates.

Here you can spend a good rest and get away from the city hustle and bustle. Whatever the Beruvelli hotel you have stayed in, the quality of service and the level of service will not make you feel sorry for such a trip. The Beruwelli hotels are located mainly at the beach, so you can enjoy the bright sun, sand and tender water, without spending much time and effort on the road to it.

Hikkaduwa hotels

Hikkaduwa - one of the most cheerful and noisy resorts of Sri Lanka on the south coast of the island. This city is famous for its unusual coral gardens, the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, as well as the perfect service that even the most picky tourists have to offer. Hotels in Hikkaduwa are ready to take guests all year round, but the best time to relax here is October-April.

The friendly, helpful and professional staff of the hotel is always happy to help you find the best hotel room and provide the best accommodation. Hotels in Hikkaduwa have rooms of different categories: economy, junior suites and suites. Which option you would not give, you can always count on a decent service that will satisfy all your wishes. Many hotels in Hikkaduwa are located on the coast. All over the territory is very beautiful, clean and well-groomed.

Negombo hotels

Negombo is a fishing village in Sri Lanka, in which they love to relax romance and those who lack bright adventures. Excellent historical sights (churches, Dutch fort, Buddhist temple, etc.), the Hamilton Canal, the oceanfront, beach exotics and luxury service of local hotels - all this will be remembered for a long time! Hotels in Negombo provide each guest with all the conditions for a comfortable stay: excellent food, sincere hospitality, fast and quality service, as well as chic ocean views.

The hotel has bars and restaurants with a varied menu and always fresh produce. Non-hotel rooms provide a good holiday according to the category. However, what kind of accommodation would you choose for yourself, you can always count on the cleanliness, well-being of the rooms, as well as on home comfort.

Kosgoda hotels

Kosgoda is a small resort town in Sri Lanka, located near Colombo. Here you can admire five species of sea turtles and their active life. This resort offers you a wonderful holiday on golden beaches, enjoying the sun and warm ocean waters. Hotels in Kosgoda are located mainly around the shore and provide excellent service to all their guests. The hospitality, hospitality and high quality of service are what Kosgoda Hotels are famous for. A wide range of hotels allows each tourist to choose accommodation option, which fully satisfies all wishes.

Hotels in Mount Lavinia

Mount Lavinia - the oldest resort in Sri Lanka, located on the southwest coast of the island, 12 km from Colombo. There are very clean and extensive beaches, as well as developed tourist infrastructure. Mount Lavinia is one of the most popular resorts in Sri Lanka today, thanks to Mount Lavinia Hotel. Hotels in Mount Lavinia love to go in love with couples and celebrities. It features a magnificent interior, a chic lounge, and a terrace with beautiful views of Colombo and the ocean. By visiting the hotels of Mount Lavinia, you will be able to enjoy the charm of the colonial era.

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