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Tunisia is located in the very north of Africa. Its banks are washed by the waters of the blue Mediterranean Sea. The summer is warm enough and perfect for a beach holiday. The average temperature ranges from +22 to +32 degrees. In winter, the average temperature ranges from +5 to +12 degrees.

Tunisia - this country, which provides all the conditions for an unforgettable holiday. Many of Tunisia's resorts have lovely beaches, high-quality hotels and lots of fun. Here you can work out surfing and diving, take exciting excursions, ride camels along the southern Sahara dykes, play golf and try local thalassotherapy.



Hotels in Tunisia have everything you need to get the comfort, comfort and hospitality you need. Most of them are located on the seafront and are well equipped. Quality of service and services are not equal here. Even the best hotels in the resorts of Europe can be envious of the fact that you have prepared hotels in Tunisia. It also provides various entertainment for all tastes and material possibilities. Hotels in Tunisia in each resort have their own peculiarities and distinctive qualities. Let's look at each of the resorts in more detail.

Hotels in Sousse

Sousse is the capital of the eastern region of Tunisia and one of the most beautiful cities. It is located on the east coast of Tunisia, in the picturesque bay to the south of Hammamet. In the north of the city is the popular resort area of ​​Port El Kantaoui. Sousse attracts a huge number of tourists with a well-developed infrastructure of entertainment, beautifully preserved old streets of Mdina, magnificent olive groves and, of course, chic hotels.

The luxurious connoisseurs of the Sousse Hotel offer excellent rooms of categories 4 * and 5 *. If you enjoy a budget holiday with a minimum of expenses, then you can settle in the modest rooms of hotels with limited conditions. Whatever your choice, do not hesitate to know that the hotels in Sousse will provide you with a place of residence that best suits all your needs and capabilities.

Hammamet hotels

Hammamet is the greenest and most picturesque resort in Tunisia. It is located 63 km south-east of the capital. Charming beaches of this resort are replaced by olive, orange and lemon groves. The city has an Arabic style, the basis of which are the vaults and domes. Compared to Sousse, Hammamet is a more calm and conservative resort. There are modern centers of thalassotherapy.

Once you get here, you will have a unique opportunity to combine beach holiday with wellness treatments. In Hammamet there is plenty of chic club hotels, a great yacht club and casino. Hammamet hotels impress the tourists with their wide selection and splendor. Each of them has an ideal combination of tourism quality and Arabic charm. Most of the hotels are located south of Medina, and the best Hammamet hotels are located in Yasmin.

Monastir hotels

Monastir is a small provincial city of Tunis, located on the site of an ancient Phoenician colony city. Nightlife in Monastir is more calm than in Sousse and Hammamet. The bulk of shops, restaurants and discos are located in the city center. Another distinction of this resort from the previous one is the number of hotels. The most comfortable hotels in Monastira are on the coast of Skanes, north of the city.

Lovers of calm, leisurely and "presentable" rest with children are going here. All entertainment is provided in the hotels itself, and outside of the bars and discotheques practically no. But all this is abundant in Sousse. Monastira hotels are very affordable. There are also hotels with a high level of service and modern centers of thalassotherapy.

Hotels in Mahdia

Mahdia is a southern resort in Tunisia, located on the Mediterranean coast, 45 km south of Monastir. Beautiful beaches with very small white sand give Mahdia greater excitement among all the other resorts in Tunisia. The picturesque quay of Mahdia is a favorite place for walks in the holiday.

Hotels in Mahdia are located north of the center of the resort in the tourist zone on the coast, and practically there is no urban border. Most popular among tourists is the Mahdi's luxury hotel. They have a large set of services: bars and restaurants with different cuisine, shops and business centers, hairdressing and beauty salons, night clubs, laundry and dry-cleaning. The cost of living and additional services is quite high.

Hotels in Djerby

Djerba is a resort island in Tunisia, located in the south of the country in the semi-desert area. Its coastline stretches for 120 kilometers. Djerba is a real oasis of charming landscapes, which floats in the emerald waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Here is an amazing warm climate, beautiful beaches with fine sand, clean sea water and modern hotels. The classification of the Djerba Hotel is quite diverse. The island has over 70 hotels for every taste.

Most 4-stars have a very good service and are most suitable for those who appreciate a good holiday at an affordable price. The 4th and 5th isvestzov here are about equal. Prestigious hotels in Djerba have excellent Thalassotherapy centers: Athenee Palace, Hasdrubal Prestige, Vincci Al Kantara, Movenpick Ulysse, Radisson Blu, etc. Worthy 4-star hotels in Djerba are: Iberostar, Caribbean World and Magic Life. Popular 3-Hazvezdniki: Miramar, Garden Park, Palma, Mehari.

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