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Athenes - a wonderful ancient city that impresses travelers with its splendor - what only Acropolis is worth! Studying the ancient history of archaeological sites, it is worth to visit a more modern building - the Panafineysk Stadium, which is the venue for the first in the history of the Olympics. Worthy of attention is the wonderful sight described by Ernest Hemingway - the change of honor guard near the grave of the Unknown Soldier. Very popular for tourists is the preserve of antiquity, Delphi, located next to Athens. It is worth visiting Athenian museums: theatrical, national and sacred icons.

Cheap flights to Athens

You can buy airline tickets to Athens at Aeroflot Airlines flights; Olympic Airlines; Krasnoyarsk Airlines. Tickets for these flights are of good value. You can save on your flight by choosing indirect flights from the following airlines: AirBaltic, via Riga; Czech Airlines, with a transfer in Prague; Alitalia, via Rome; Aerosvit, following Kiev; LOT, with a transfer in Warsaw.

 When traveling to Greece, you must apply for a Schengen visa. The registration includes a consular fee of 35 €. Since the national currency of Greece, as a member of the EU, is the euro, it makes it possible to purchase the amount needed for travel in a given currency before you go to the path.

From the airport "Venizelos" to Athens it is convenient to get to the city by metro, the fare will be 6 euros. If you choose a taxi, the cost of the trip will be from 25 € per day, night rate is more expensive 2 times.

From the airport "Elinicon" to Athens city can be reached by bus, the cost of travel will be 1 € per day, and 2 € - at night. A taxi ride will cost about 7 €, at night driving is more expensive.

Urban transport in Athens is represented by trolleybuses, buses, trams, subway and suburban trains. For travel, you can buy a universal ticket, valid for 90 minutes in all modes of transport. The cost of such a ticket is 1 euro, the cost of travel for one day is 3 euros. You can buy tickets that are valid for a longer period.

Buses on routes are subdivided into citywide, inter-district and inland districts. The stops are made on request of passengers. Especially for tourists, there is a bus route number 400, which allows you to get to know the main attractions of Athens, the cost of the ticket is 5 euros.

The Athens Underground for tourists is not only the fastest way to travel - the trip will be a real excursion, as many stations can see antiques.

A relatively inexpensive mode of transport is a taxi: the cost of a trip in the city center will be about 3 - 4 €. The cost of landing is € 1.05, plus the cost per kilometer for a daily rate of 0.36 €, and from the north to 5.00 - 0,68 € per kilometer of the way. The cost of calling a taxi by phone is 1,7 €. Additionally paid waiting time, delivery to the specified time and work on holidays.

At the age of 21 in Athens you can arrange a car rental agreement by giving driver's license. Driving experience should be 1 year. The rental cost will be about 40 euro per day, and will depend on the season and brand of the car. A pledge of about € 200 per day is required. But, given that there are paid parking lots in Athens and there are a number of specific problems with car rides, it will be easier to use taxi services.

Search and booking hotels in Athens

Hotels in Athens are able to offer you an appropriate accommodation option. The cost of the rooms depends on the list of services provided by the hotel to its guests, as well as the location of the hotel. The cost of 2 * hotels is from 14 €, 3 * - from 22 €, 4 * - from 28 €. The cost of rooms in hotels 5 * starts at 70 € per day.

A high level of service is available at any hotel in Athens, regardless of its class. Of course, the comfort of an inexpensive hotel will be different from the conditions of accommodation in hotels of the highest class, but for tourists who came to explore the sights, such additional amenities are often unnecessary.

To book a hotel in Athens will be a smart decision in advance. As a result, you can reduce the cost of living, as the cost of rooms depends on many factors, for example, from the season.

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