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Cairo, the largest city in the African continent, which is the capital of Egypt, arose in the location of ancient cities of different epochs: Heliopolis, Egyptian Babylon and others. In Cairo necessarily come the tourists who came to rest on the resorts of Egypt, of which here are organized excursions to visit the pyramids. Currently, the border between Cairo and the city of Giza, which is called the "gate" in the Valley of the Pharaohs, is practically erased. The old part of Cairo, which is a modern metropolis, has preserved narrow Arabian streets and traditional markets with lively trade, which are mentioned in Eastern tales. Interesting places to visit the Citadel, the Church of the Virgin, the Ibn Tulun Mosque and many other attractions.

Cheap flights to Cairo

You can buy airline tickets to Cairo via direct flights from Aeroflot Airlines and Egypet Air. It is possible to consider variants of indirect flights, they are distinguished by advantageous cost of tickets, for example, flights of KLM, via Amsterdam, Emirates, via Dubai, flights of Transaero Airlines. Over time, direct flights last for about 4.5 hours, and from 9 to 12 hours passengers on indirect flights will travel on the road.



To visit Egypt, citizens of Russia need a visa, which can be arranged in advance, or get already arrived in the country, at the airport. The cost of a visa for a stay of up to 30 days is $ 15. Documents require a tourist voucher, return ticket, passport and medical insurance.

The Egyptian pound (EGP) is the national currency of Egypt, the amount of 10 EGP corresponds to 1.82 USD. Possible calculation with US dollars, but the cost in dollars, as a rule, is overestimated. Credit cards are accepted for payment in many places.

From Cairo International Airport you can reach the city center by taxi, the cost of the trip will be approximately 8 - 9 €, with time it takes about 30 - 45 minutes, depending on the busy roads. For lovers of special comfort you can order a limousine, the cost of a trip to the city will be 10 euros.

The main public transport in Cairo is a taxi, there are also shuttle and bus lines, as well as metro. The subway is clean and comfortable, and includes underground and land stations. The ticket price, which should be kept until the end of the trip for control, is € 0.1.

The buses in the city are plentiful, the inconvenience of using it is to cause congestion on the roads at peak hours. The fare on the bus is less than 0.1 €, a bit more expensive fares in the shuttle bus. Minibuses, or minibuses, carry passengers both in the city, and intercity.

Taxis are so numerous in the transport that they do not even need to be specially called or stopped in Cairo - they will come up to you. The fare in any district of the city is less than € 1. It is necessary only to consider that taxis work without counters, and drivers like to bargain.

Many tourists use car rentals. The lease agreement can be made even before you arrive in the country while in Moscow, but you can do it on arrival. The cost of rental is up to 10 €. Necessary documents - passport, confirming the age of 21 years, and driver's license.

Search and book hotels in Cairo

Hotels in Cairo have recently been renovated in the hotels of the world's largest chains, such as Marriot, Hilton, Swisshotel, Sheraton. Hotels in their own right are a city attraction. The most famous is the Mena House, where Churchill, Roosevelt, Nixon, King Morocco and many other senior figures and well-known politicians stayed. The cost of booking a room at this hotel is approximately € 130 per night.

Of the low-cost hotels, Husa Piramids Hotel is very popular among tourists. It is located only 10 minutes walk from the country's most important monument - the Egyptian pyramids. The cost of this hotel is 20 - 30 €.

Book your hotel in Cairo conveniently via the internet. Hotels offer a wide range of accommodation options and are designed for any budget. It can be as an inexpensive hotel, the cost of a room which starts from 8 - 10 € per day, as well as hotels of the highest level, the cost of which is between 180 and 250 € per day.

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