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Kazan is a city with a thousand-year history, which in different periods of time was close to getting the status of the capital of Russia, as it has always been one of its main cultural, scientific, business and sports centers. This city with eastern colors preserves many monuments, including the unique white stone Kazan Kremlin, which includes the oldest Cathedral in the Volga region - the Annunciation.

It is worth visiting the Tatar settlements, where the old houses and beautiful mosques were preserved, to explore the beautiful embankments and bridges, to visit the Volga-Kama reserve, located near the city, the island of Sviazhsk, the water park and many other places. In the winter Kazan is pleased to visit the fans of skiing.



Cheap flights to Kazan

Buy airline tickets to Kazan can be on flights of several airlines. Since Moscow and the capital of Tatarstan are separated by less than a thousand kilometers, flights will be carried out on liner intended for medium-range flights.

If you choose S7 Siberia, then it will be Airbus Industrie 319. UTair offers flights to Tu-134 or Aerospatiale / Alenia ATR 72-200, Tatarstan and Transaero carry passengers on the Boeing 737 -500, some flights to "Tatarstan" are performed on the domestic Yak-42. Travel time will be about 1.5 hours.

The lowest cost of airline tickets to the company "Tatarstan". However, it is possible to buy cheaper tickets and other airlines, as they periodically arrange various promotions, conduct loyalty programs and grant preferential tariffs to different categories of passengers.

From Kazan, direct flights to Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Tashkent, Istanbul and Frankfurt. Kazan airport is 28 km away from the city. The fastest way to your destination is by taxi, which can be booked in the arrival hall, or you can call by phone. The cost of the trip will amount to 500 rubles. You can use the bus number 97, the time of the route - from 5.00 to 23.00 with an interval of 30 minutes. The fare will be about 20 rubles.

In the system of public transport should especially highlight the Kazan subway, which is the most modern in Russia and almost as beautiful as the subway in Moscow. But the subway stations are considered to be unsuccessful, so passengers do not use the subway as often. Basically, the city uses land transport. The fare in the tram is 12 rubles. On the bus - 18 rubles., In the trolleybus and in the subway - 15 rubles. There are taxi, a trip to them will cost 25 rubles. The cost of a taxi ride within the city - from 100 rubles.

Search and booking hotels in Kazan

The hotels of Kazan are presented in sufficient variety. The cost of rooms in hotels in Kazan starts from 1400 rubles per day. In the center of the rooms more expensive, the cost of booking will be from 3,000 rubles per night. Approximately the same prices offer Sofia and Vilnius hotels.

International hotel chains are presented in Kazan: Grand Hotel, Park Inn, Ibiza. "Grand Hotel Kazan" offers a service that corresponds to the level of 4 *. The same category includes "Chaliapin Palace Hotel", whose building is a monument of architecture. The hotel 3 * of the network "AMAKS", "Safar Hotel" is quite popular.

Kazan "Riviera" is a magnificent four-star hotel. There are also water parks, skating rink, bowling, SPA-center, modern cinema and many other establishments.

Among the many inexpensive hotels that can offer a sufficient level of service and comfortable rooms, one can recall the hotel chain "Regina", which has its hotels in different parts of Kazan and in the suburbs.

Since Kazan is one of the centers of business tourism, local hotels during the exhibitions organize transfers to the exhibition complex "Kazan Fair", which is the largest in the Urals and in the Volga region. You can book a hotel in Kazan through an online service, having read the photographs of the rooms and their descriptions.

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