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A trip to New York is an opportunity to see the main attractions of America: Statue of Liberty, Brighton Beach, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge and more. This multi-faceted city will always come up against you with its museums and shops, hip-hop parties and the Metropolitan Opera, the ancient architecture of the Dutch style and glittering skyscrapers. Get ready for the surprises of the weather - it is sometimes unpredictable in New York.

Cheap flights to New York

Buy tickets to New York can be on flights of several airlines, which take place on modern and well-equipped liners Airbus Industrie A330-300, Boeing 767-300 etc. Passengers who prefer direct flights can buy airline tickets Aeroflot or Delta. Cheaper indirect flights are offered by Aerosvit with a transfer in Kiev, Finnair with a transfer to Helsinki and Air Canada through Toronto. In addition, it is profitable to buy tickets, using regular special offers of airlines.



The distance to New York from Moscow is 7523 kilometers, the flight time will be about 10 hours, if the flight is direct, and up to 20 hours, if the flight with a transfer. The distance between St. Petersburg and New York, equal to 6905 km, is overtaken by airliners from 11 to 23 hours. In New York, the time is different from Moscow for minus 8 hours. The cost of issuing a visa required to enter the United States is $ 131. In some cases, additional documents may be required.

From the John Kennedy International Airport, you can reach the city by taxi. The Taxi Dispatch Booth can be detected in any destination area and can easily find the nearest parking lot. The landing in a taxi is carried out by the dispatcher. A taxi will be the only available transport for you, if you carry a lot of luggage, as passengers with large and heavy luggage are not allowed on buses and underground. The cost of the trip is $ 45.

From the bus routes from the airport to the city, the most convenient New York Airport Express Service Bus, which has stops at each terminal. The interval of movement is 20-30 minutes.

AirTrain JFK trains operate around the clock. You can land on a train at any terminal, and get to the line "A" of the metro. The ticket price is $ 5.

New York City's metro and bus services are available. Metro New York is the largest in the world in terms of the number of stations and lengths. The fare is $ 2; you can buy a multiple ticket for a different period: from 1 to 30 days.

The fare on the bus is approximately the same as in the subway. There are regular routes and express calls with "on demand" stops. You can use taxi services (from $ 10 plus tips 15-20%) or rent a car (about $ 12 per hour). There is water transport. From the south of Manhattan to Staten Island, take a free ferry ride.

Search and book hotels in New York

Hotels in New York should be chosen according to the main purpose of your trip. If you want to study contemporary art, presented in the galleries of Chelsea, it is wise to live in the same area. For "shopaholikov" best suited areas Soho and Midtown. If you want to visit parties in clubs, it is worth looking at hotels in the Mitpeking district. Travelers with children and museums are well suited for a quieter place near the Central Park, for example, Upper West Side.

Most of the city's guests want to stay closer to Midtown, where the main attractions of the city are Broadway, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, Central Park, Metropolitan Museum, Fifth Avenue and others

Book your hotel in New York with the most discounted rates you can, usually, from January to March. In April, the cost of rooms is growing and reaches a maximum in the period from September to December.

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