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Tashkent is a city in a picturesque oasis at the foot of Tien Shan, the capital of Uzbekistan and one of the oldest cities. His age is about 2200 years. Here, in a remarkably harmonious way, old buildings and elements of modern times, such as, for example, as a subway, are combined. Narrow streets and eastern architecture seem to carry the city's guests to the Eastern fairy tale.

The most popular of ancient monuments is the unique mausoleum of the Sheikhantur complex. It is interesting to visit Kaffal Shashi Mausoleum, which is of great historical value. In addition to the ancient monuments there are modern, for example, TV tower. It is the highest in Central Asia, with its observation deck you can admire the magnificent city panorama. You can visit theaters, parks, water parks, botanical and zoological gardens.



Cheap flights to Tashkent

You can buy airline tickets to Tashkent on the following airlines: Aeroflot; Uzbekistan Airways; Transaero Airlines; Krasnoyarsk Airlines. The cost of airfares will be lower if you fly with flights that are in several airlines, such as Czech Airlines or Turkish Airlines.

The flight time for direct flights will be about 4 hours, which is slightly less than the passengers on the way to Sharm el-Sheikh. Citizens of Russia do not need a visa, there is enough Russian or foreign passport. Documents for stay in Uzbekistan are issued on arrival, registration in local passport services is required. For stopped at the hotels registration is made by the staff.

The national currency of Uzbekistan is a sack (UZS), 1 EUR is approximately equal to 2091.71 UZS. Some hotels accept payment for US dollars and euros. In Tashkent, it is sometimes possible to calculate by credit cards or traveler's checks.

Tashkent airport is located within the boundaries of the city. From here, direct flights to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Prague are carried out. To the destination you can reach any city transport, which in Tashkent is represented by buses, trams, underground, trolley buses, shuttle taxis and ordinary taxis.

The cost of a trip by trolley or tram is $ 0.3. A trip by bus will cost about $ 0.5. To get on the metro you need to buy a token at the station, the cost of which is about $ 0,3. The metro operates from 6 am to 12 noon.

Ground transportation operates from 5.00 to 23.00. Buses, in addition to regular ones, also have express flights. The cost of the ticket is $ 0.3 - $ 0.35. The ticket can be purchased in the bus.

Taxi in Tashkent has the following tariffs: landing, as well as taxi call - for free, the cost of the first 5 km - for $ 1 per km, then - at $ 0.2 per km. For remote areas, an extra charge of $ 1 is charged, waiting is also paid.

Car rental services are offered by just a few companies. Rent a car is possible only with the driver. The rental cost is $ 80- $ 20 per hour. If the car is needed all day, then the cost for trips within the city will be $ 10 - $ 150, outside the city - $ 75 - $ 750.

Search and booking hotels in Tashkent

Hotels in Tashkent offer accommodation options ranging from $ 40 to $ 210 a day. The number in the middle class hotels, 3 *, will cost about $ 65- $ 80 a day. The cost of rooms in hotels 4 * - 5 * will be about $ 100 and more.

One of the most popular hotels is Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent 4 *, located in the city center. It offers comfortable, air-conditioned rooms with satellite TV and internet access. Each room has a bathroom and everything you need, including bathrobes, slippers, toiletries. Guests can visit the outdoor and indoor swimming pool, gym, restaurant, cafe and a winter garden. Room rates start at $ 80 per day, including breakfast buffet.

Hotel Mehnat, located 10 minutes from the center, offers cozy rooms with air conditioning, a refrigerator, a TV and a bathroom. There is free internet access. The hotel has a restaurant serving breakfast. You can use the sauna, outdoor pool, gym. Room rates are approximately $ 50 per day.

To book a hotel in Tashkent conveniently through the Internet service, having first read the list of services provided by the selected hotel, as well as its photos and reviews of other travelers.

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